1 year go since I started this blog…

…WordPress has just notified me so I feel like I should acknowledge the day.

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I wrote my first post.

I can remember it well, I felt so lost and was searching for some help after my first failed IVF. I couldn’t sleep and found myself just sitting at my computer in the small hours of the morning. I wrote for hours. It felt like a huge relief to put my feelings out there to people who didn’t know me, didn’t judge me and who could understand.

It has helped so much knowing there are others going through what I felt at the same, especially as I felt so alone. I hope there are others like me who no longer feel alone.

In a small way this post is really about saying thank you to everyone’s blog who I have read, to all the blogs that have inspired me and given me strength at times when I felt like I had none – Thank You x


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